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Armidale Art Prize, Armidale Art Gallery, The Mall, Armidale, NSW, Australia

2023 Armidale Art Prize Awards


Evelyn Owens – ‘Industrial’ UNE Armidale
I was immediately taken with this image, the power of the composition is compelling.
The artist has seen beauty in the ordinary industrial profile of a building and created a dynamic and captivating composition. The use of black and white cleverly enhances and supports the construction of the composition, enriching the various tonal components and elements of the structures.  The combination of shapes, forms, tones and the angle at which this picture was taken has resulted in a powerful image.

David Davies Impressionist Landscape Prize

Kerry Dunne – Across Country
The artist provides the viewer with a sincere understanding of the landscape they have  experienced. This work demonstrates the artist ability to use texture and colour to evoke the harshness of the landscape without the need to be derivative of subject. They have also been able to structure the composition in such a way which allows the viewer to appreciate and relate to the immensity of the area.

Category 1. Painting

First Prize:  Robyn Markey – Birds Eye View
 A captivating work that clearly demonstrates the artists ability to create a well-constructed decorative, and colourful composition. This is a visually pleasing work.

Second Prize: Jane O’Sullivan – Colour Fields
 This is a strong and confident work which engaged me as soon as I walked into the gallery space. The artist has constructed and created a bold composition which highlights their understanding of colour, form and texture.

Third Prize:  Lillian Wissink – Bicheno, Tasmania
 A delightful small atmospheric work that has been beautifully considered by the artist. I was immediately drawn to the moodiness of this work and the use of a restricted tonal palette to create a sense of place.

Highly Commended

  • Anna Henderson – That Elusive Soul
  • Andrea Gledhill – Little Yellow Chair
  • Frank Howard – Summer New England

Category 2. Works on Paper

First Prize:  Phoebe Hillard – Litterfall
 What a lovely captivating work this is. The artist has given the viewer an up close and personal encounter with a subject that we might generally ignore. The artist has been able to provide us with a beautiful portrayal of fallen leaves, twigs and bark in such a way that we are wanting to take more than one look. Beautifully drawn and rendered in pastel, the colours evoke a sense of the history of the leaf litter.

Second Prize: James White – Spray Jug
 A very lovely composition full of many delightful objects including the spring blooms in the jug. A competent and accomplished work that brings a smile when viewing it.

Third Prize:  Sue Fisher – East of Armidale
 I really enjoyed the artist’s approach to the use of watercolour. It is delightful work with a pleasing composition.

Highly Commended

  • Terry Cooke – Rainy Day in the Bush
  • Georgie Butler – Still Life

Category 3. Craft Art and Sculpture

First Prize:  Meg Wilford – Deep Sea Tulips
 The attention to detail and the level of intricate bead work is truly amazing. The tactile quality of the individual beads and the single use of colour adds to the enjoyment of this beautifully crafted work. 

Second Prize: Tess Cullen – Chrysanthemums
 A delightful vase that made me want to look closer to the detail of the mosaic pieces that have created these flowers. The artist has carefully considered the colour palette resulting in a visually pleasing object.

Highly Commended

  • Chris Wilford – Jewellery box
  • Jani Cullen – Curl

Category 4. Photography

First Prize: David Henderson – Acharavi
 I was instantly intrigued when I first saw this work. I was taken by the profound placement of the chair in the landscape, what was it doing there? It is a beautiful and evocative work that makes me want to know more.

Second Prize: Sue Burgess – Old Man
 A very detailed and beautifully captured image. The artist has clearly engaged with the subject providing us, as viewers, with a privileged and detailed view of the sitter.

Highly Commended

  • Rhonda Davey – Singing for Supper
  • Karinya Oldfield – Family of Tawny Frogmouths

Judge: Sandra McMahon
30 March 2023