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Forest Farmland & Fog

Friday 3 May – Mon 3 Jun

Artists Retreat 2023 Exhibition – We walked the trails, we oohed and aahed at the views, stoked the fire, played cards, ate delicious food and discussed life and the environment at the Two Styx NEAS artist retreat last November. And we were each inspired by the wet and misty and the forays into the sunshine. From inspiration has come a variety of works and this exhibition shares a few of those with you. Artists with works in this exhibition are Sue-ellen Fischer, Lorraine Kelleher, Maria Hitchcock, Tess Cullen & Kay Bridge.

The Judy Wilford Miniatures Exhibition 2024

Sat 8th Jun – Sat 6 Jul

Its All a Matter of Scale – An annual Exhibition on the Armidale Art Galleries calendar .

We encourage our members to create miniature works of excellence, and to encourage awareness and enjoyment of miniature works of art. Works may include a range of media such as watercolour, oil or acrylic as well as drawing, printmaking, mixed media and 3D .

Please contact us for the MINIATURE ARTS EXHIBITION 2024 registration form.

The Tilted Lens – Katherina Norton

An exhibition of photographs by Kathy Norton

Reality versus perception in photographs.

What if the reality we perceive differs from what exists? The reality we live in, does not always correspond to the real world or what others might see. What we see is a clever construction of the brain’s guesses. Guesses that are obscured by a sensory veil and revealed to our minds through the complex mechanisms of perception. Perceptions that are visual illusions, as well as transient glimpses of objective reality and deeper truth.

We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are.”  – from the Seduction of the Minotaur by Anias Nin 1961

Crossing New England 2024

A selected group exhibition of artists from across NSW. 

This will revive a very successful exhibition which ran for six years, 2006 – 2012. As in the past, participants have been drawn from a wide selection of 2D and 3D artists living in NSW. The exhibition is an great opportunity to show Armidale and our thriving local community of artists to see current work by painters, ceramic artists, textile artists and sculptors from other areas of NSW. The variety of work will be exciting and inspiring!

Sharon Maroney, Nicholas Kachel, Jill Cairns, Yvette Hugill, Peter Champion, Stuart Boggs, Polly Wells, Trish Donald, Nerida (Woolley) Blok, Sue Smalkowski, Peter Griffen, Michelle Hungerford, Brett Mon Garling, Anna Henderson, David Henderson, David Lake Ben MilneGeoff Thomas, Shellie Christian, Denise Lithgow, Nichola Leeming, Tamasin Pepper, Sally Hook, Clare Unger, David Lake, Peter Hugill, Susanne Fraser, Suzanne Hatch, Jamie Lee Garner, Mic Eales, Catriona Pollard, Susan Doherty, Susan Romyn, Steve Williams, Helen Earle, Anna Henderson