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Workshop Calendar 2024

Bookings: a deposit of $50 will secure your spot
Phone: 0423 520 073 / After Hours: 0421 990 336

Let’s Paint  Trees – Tess Cullen

Discover the keys to painting figurative landscapes and trees.

If you have dreamt of painting more realistic scenes – but weren’t sure where to start or how to get the results you want – then mastering trees is one of the keys to success and this is the course for you.

Tess will take you through the fundamentals of seeing, mixing colour, layering the painting and keeping an overall focus. Skills you need to know to be able to incorporate realism into your works. Throughout the course you will guided you step by step to grow your artistic skills and deepen your knowledge with the intention of you acquiring new ways to paint to achieve what you want on canvas.

Only a beginning, this course will be followed by Let’s Paint More Trees where your skills will increase skills and develop and where we will explore completing a work of your own choosing.

Tess Cullen is a landscape painter with over 40 years experience in painting and teaching. She has a particular love of trees and nature and would like to share her skills with you.  Contact Tess on 0421 990 336.

Registration information

DATES: Thurs Sept 26 – Nov 28
DURATION: 10 week course
TIME: 1.00pm – 3.30pm Thursdays
VENUE: Armidale Art Gallery
COST: $320 / $280 (NEAS members)
Bookings through the gallery

Investigating Colour – Eve Kennedy

Eve Kennedy teaches the skills of using colour to describe and enhance moods, emotions, settings and seasons in our work. This course explains how we perceive colour and  the powerful messages that colour communicates. Investigating how to use colour results in richer visual impressions in our work.

For an artist this course is like a fish learning to swim or a bird learning to fly!

Eve Kennedy – Tutor
Colour and light are the main themes that influence Eve’s work.   
Capturing the true colours of nature and the drama of the ever-changing play of light and dark within any subject matter.

Eve took up painting 40 years ago and has taught in many settings before and after gaining a  Degree in Fine Art.  Eve is passionate about painting; in acrylic, water colour and oils.

Colour is All Around Us! Colour is invaluable!

Registration information

DURATION: 10 week course
TIME: 2.00pm – 4.00pm Tuesdays
VENUE: Armidale Art Gallery
COST: $250 for the term (prepaid) – book through the gallery

Making Beautiful Mosaics – Tess Cullen

Mosaic is the art of creating stunning works of art with an assemblage of small pieces of broken crockery, colored glass, stone, tiles or other material on a base of your choosing.

Learn the basics and create beautiful mosaic garden pot using recycled tiles, broken vases, old crockery, glass and mirror. As a starter piece for beginners to learn the basics you will be asked to bring an object, a 8 – 10″ garden pot to mosaic and add colour to your garden.

Classes to be held at Tess’s Studio in Armidale.

Contact Tess (0421 990 336) to join the waiting list.

Registration information

Contact Tess (0421 990 336) for more details