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Shirley Tier

Shirley Tier

I am an Armidale artist and eco-printer who has a great love of the New England landscape. I am currently exploring abstract landscapes and eco-printing through which I aim to bring the beauty of the native bushlands and gardens into people’s homes and into wearable art.

“To me an art work is a very personal response to the chosen subject. It is ‘a poem without words’ (Horace), as much a journey in the landscape of the mind as an outward journey. In my multi-media works, I may begin with ‘real world’ images, but soon find myself seeking the abstract elements that allow me to emphasise my thoughts and feelings about the subject.

As I stylise lines and forms, I try to imbue my works with messages that are important to me, such as the need to cherish the beauty of nature in a fragile world. Many of my abstract landscapes incorporate collage elements, using hand-painted and printed papers, as I enjoy the layers, textures and patterns that are made possible with this technique.”

“In my eco-printing I use leaves from different plants, particularly eucalyptus trees. I create designs of leaves, gumnuts and flowers on papers and fabrics such as silk and wool, then boil or steam packages of the materials in a process resulting in a permanent setting of the natural dyes.”

Fabrics purchases may be washed using a gentle soap.

A selection of Shirley’s’s paintings, creations and eco-prints.

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